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Haggis Pie

Tonight is Burns Night!.  A celebration of the life and works of Scottish poet Robert Burns, though often an excuse to eat haggis and drink whiskey.  Over the past few years my Burns Night recipes (brownies and squash) have focused … Continue reading

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Bonfire Bites

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The 5th of November is Bonfire Night.  Where communities across the UK light old furniture on fire because they’re too lazy to take it to the tip (or dump), and set off fireworks.  Well, that’s an over-simplification and an explanation … Continue reading

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Christmas Flapjack

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I bet all of you States-side were expecting a picture of pancakes!  Over here a flapjack is a very similar to a chewy granola bar.  They are commonly found under a cake stand at checkout in coffee houses or wrapped … Continue reading

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Pilgrim Pasty

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In a few days, many of you stateside will be inundated with Thanksgiving leftovers; whether you cooked the meal yourself or sent home with food from your hosts who want their fridge space back (you lucky ducks!).  I love Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Rabbit Pie

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I know, I know!; for someone who wants a pet bunny so badly it seems cruel to have one for dinner.  But it is a much more common protein over here in the UK, and when I saw them offered … Continue reading

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Ploughman’s Sandwich

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We arrived in the UK several weeks before most of our belongings; and while we were in a long-term stay hotel there was no problem.  However, once we signed a rental agreement we had to move in there, we were … Continue reading

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