Returning to a New Normal?


DSC00741Huh, it’s been quiet here on the blog.  I haven’t written anything for the past five months.  The interface on Wordpress even changed in my time away 🙂

Well, that’s all down to the fact that Baby B joined our family in early October, bringing more joy into our lives than we ever thought possible.

But, how do I account for no posts from mid August and all of September?  ‘Cause I still did a little traveling and tried new recipes?  Well…I attribute that to final baby preparations, napping, and watching reruns of MacGyver.

And while I certainly could have written this post before now; I haven’t really felt motivated until now.  The past three months have been a big adjustment and new demands on my time; from the amount of preparation it takes to just go to walk to the corner store to a new (and shorter) sleeping pattern (though that is thankfully getting longer).  Plus hours of adorable baby gazing!  We are finding a rhythm.  B likes to sit in his bouncey chair when I’m in the kitchen, which has allowed me to cook some straight forward dinners.  Though Hubs did well with cooking in the early weeks, developing a few favorites.

Now, we have gotten ‘young sir’ out into the Dales, on a historic steam train, an overnight in Cambridgeshire, and numerous pubs.  Currently we are considering a trip to France at the end of the February!

So, as I get back into blogging I’ll be sure to keep you updated on our adventures, as well as filling in some of the gaps since August.

And now (because I can’t help myself) here is another picture:


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Hey! I'm an American living in the UK with a passion for food, history, and travel. You can follow my experiences at (not a creative title - but you know what you'll be getting).
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One Response to Returning to a New Normal?

  1. shortfinals says:

    Thank you for the update! I am delighted that Baby B is bringing such joy to you both, and he’s such a handsome little guy!

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