Tony the Tiger Bites


I love the Olympics!  I could watch events all day.  And while that joy comes around every two years; I have to say that I’m particularly partial to the Winter Games, so that true joy really only comes every four years.  There’s skating (figure & speed), and skiing (downhill, cross-country, biathalon – that’s skiing with weapons!); fashion forward curling.  And proof that the Cold War isn’t actually over: Ice Hockey.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love the Winter Olympics so much that when the grocery store was offering a promotion for these commemorative cereal bowls; I knew I had to have them.  To get them I only had to buy a ridiculous amount of sugary cereal.  I don’t even like cereal, sugary or otherwise.  As a kid I wasn’t much of breakfast person (breakfast interfered with sleep), so I really only snacked on cereal – in which case Crispix is clearly the superior snack cereal.  But have those bowls I must (and I wanted the complete set), so cereal I bought.

Now I need to find something to do with it all.  I’ve spent some time on the internet looking for recipes that use the cereals; and I decided the first one that I to try is Tony the Tiger Bites.  They’re basically rice krispie treats that use frosted flakes with the addition of peanut butter.  (You can read the recipe through the link.)

They turned out pretty nice.  The the peanut butter reduces how sweet I anticipated them to taste (but I shouldn’t delude myself, there’s a lot of sugar in them).  I found that the flakes didn’t stick together very well once cool.  So I would recommend one of the following options: using slightly smaller pan, adding more marshmallows, or making sure you really push the mixture down into the pan.


The verdict: They’re GR-R-REAT!!!

Note:  If you are looking to make a gluten-free version, make sure you use gluten-free frosted flakes (they probably don’t even have to be frosted).  Regular Frosted Flakes have malted sweeteners, which contain gluten.  Many peanut butter & marshmallows are already gluten-free.

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