Life’s Still Not Filled With Gourmet Dinners


If your a regular food blog reader (like me) it’s easy to get jealous.  Back in Virginia, when I taught full time, about once a month there would come a time (usually around 4pm – at work since 6am) when I was intellectually exhausted from reading 25 essays about the American Civil War and need a break (I say break because there were still 25 more essays to go).  If my fridge was particularly bare, I’d turn to the internet for ideas on what to do for dinner that night – that’s usually when the jealousy kicked in!

The pictures always looked so good, but the recipes would often involve: A) an ingredient I didn’t want to spend the early evening tracking down, 2) more time than I was willing to devote to dinner (after all, I still had 25 more essays that would be coming home with me), Thirdly) or a piece of kitchen equipment that I didn’t own.  And then I’d think of how well I’d eat if I were a food blogger.

Now that I have a modest blog of my own I’m here to say that it still isn’t always (or even frequently) gourmet dinners.  Most food bloggers have full time jobs and families and what you see posted from us is the work of essentially our hobbies; others might be in book clubs, play in recreational leagues or community band.  There are a lot of other meals that go on in between posts, that don’t really warrant a post.  [Kind of like this one here – except that I’m using this post to lift the veil on food blogging.]

Tonight for dinner we are having what you see pictured above: pork sausages, mac & cheese, and roasted asparagus and tomatoes.  And this was often the simple meal that I turned on my way home from work, no food in the fridge, and 25 more essays to grade.  Yes, the sausages come from a farmer’s market, but I usually buy several packages at a time and put the rest in the freezer.  Stateside I bought Aidells Chicken & Apple sausages at the grocery store that were already fully cooked.  The mac & cheese I did not make, it came from the refrigerated section of the grocery store and I just put it in the oven for 25 minutes, 10 of those oven minutes overlap with roasting the asparagus and tomatoes in a little olive oil.  If you need this dinner ready faster, opt for Annie’s Shells & White Cheddar and garden peas from the freezer.  But I didn’t mind the passive cooking time (letting things bake in the oven) because even on days I was at school late, I was usually home by 6pm, while my husband usually wasn’t home until 7pm (but he got up around the time I started my first class) – plus I used the down time to continue grading those essays 😉

So next time your stuck on what to do for dinner, consider the this meal profile: sausages, mac & cheese, and vegetable.  Use whatever type or brand you like to suit your tastes or time frame.

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Hey! I'm an American living in the UK with a passion for food, history, and travel. You can follow my experiences at (not a creative title - but you know what you'll be getting).
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