Ploughman’s Sandwich


We arrived in the UK several weeks before most of our belongings; and while we were in a long-term stay hotel there was no problem.  However, once we signed a rental agreement we had to move in there, we were left without most of the creature comforts of home.  For the most part we were lucky, our landlord had some furniture in there that he used for showings that he was happy to let us continue to use even after our stuff was delivered (which is thankfully why we didn’t have to buy a guest bed,dinning room table, or microwave).  Friends of ours even lent us some temporary cookware, and we had two plates that we bought at ASDA (UK Walmart).  But the burners for our stovetop and racks for our oven weren’t ready until about a week after we moved in.  That meant my ability to cook (given our few supplies) was even more limited.  We ate a lot of sandwiches, one of which was unique to the UK is the Ploughman’s Sandwich.

A Ploughman’s is a hearty (but often meatless sandwich), which as then name implies is designed to sustain one through a days work in the fields.  If you search it online you’ll find several different varieties, but the basic formula is this:

hearty bread + condiments + sharp cheddar cheese + greens + vegetables = delicious

Below is my recipes.  I have left out exact amounts, so it is flexible for the number you may want to make.

Here are the cast of characters:


Portion the baguette into the length of sandwiches you want (I generally find that one baguette can make three sandwiches); Cut the portions in half; Scrape out the bread on the inside (this leaves more space for the fillings, and if you can resist it – reduces calories):


Spread on mayo & red onion marmalade (or another chutney of your choice):


Chop your cheese & vegetables:


Top on sandwich & add rocket:



  • Crusty baguette
  • Mayo
  • Red Onion Marmalade
  • Rocket (Arugula)
  • Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  1. Cut bread in half; scrap out the middle
  2. Add mayo & red onion marmalade
  3. Slice cheese, tomatoes, and cucumbers
  4. Layer on bread
  5. Top with rocket
  6. Connect two halves of the bread

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